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Actor Services 

Working with Actors is close to my heart. I even married one!

Headshots- I shoot out of my studio and or on location. Whatever we have to

do to get your best headshot  we can to present you to casting agents and Directors.

I want your headshot to be a tool that will get you into the room, and book!

Rates- I have packages from $350.00 -650.00.00 Depending upon your needs. Contact me for a quote. 

Demo Reels- One of the most valuable tools we have is our reel. Often new actors do not have the footage they need to show agents what they can do. My solution, being a film maker, writer and director for over 15 years was, MAKE ONE! 

See clips of scenes all written specifically for the actors. Why. wait years to get roles that represent you the way you want to be seen. Show them what you can do. 

Rates- Each scene is between 1-2 min. For a single scene including everything is $800.00  Often actors want to film 2-3 scenes showing dynamic range. In this case scenes are 600.00 each. 

Contact me for a free consultation and we can discuss possibilities for your scene. See examples on this page. 


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