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Quotes from Clients

I am truly blessed to be able to work with the people I do.

~Thank you.

Dalia Macphee

"I have worked with many fashion photographers throughout my career, but none like Andrew. He is the perfect mix of left and right brain. Davinci meets Michelangelo. And that's where the magic happens"


Ana Gutierrez
Designer- La Monarch

Andrew is a delight to work with, I immediately felt comfortable with him, he understood the feel and direction I wanted for my brand and he not only brought my vision to reality, but he went above and beyond to deliver incredible shots. Andrew sees angles and lighting in a unique way and directed the model seamlessly to bring out the best of the location and the details in the clothes. I sat back and watched in awe as he was shooting. This is his true passion and you can see it in the results. I always look forward to our next shoot!

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