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I AM...Amira

In this Blog simply titled "I Am", you will get to see and hear from some of the unique the people I work with as a Photographer/Director and Filmmaker. Every person has a unique story that may surprise you. The intention is to elevate ourselves through communication and to realize that people are more alike than different. I have learned that the more we share, the more we think. This provokes conversations, empathy and connects us all. Here is a spoiler...we all have more in common than we don't. So don't be surprised if you find yourself relating to these people. One Love.

This is a special blog for me as, so far, I have just shared my photography work. I am also a Cinematographer and Director... So this blog I will be using Film to illustrate what we are talking about with my dear talented friends that you will meet in a moment. the topic is Code Switching. ever heard of it? read on...

To properly understand this please watch the short film FIRST.

Enjoy Code Switch.

Ok So pretty crazy huh? Although we filmed a comedy to open the conversation up. Code switching can be very serious for some people, and again, surprising.

In the follow up interview with the cast you will hear how some of them never even heard of the term, code switch, or were aware they even did it.

Although the actors are all very close friends of mine, at the time of filming, none of them actually knew each other before! or even were on the phone during filming!

I am thrilled that I got to work with friends on this project. I appreciate their talents and trust. The best part is... today, they are all friends!

I like that.

Enjoy the next part.

So there you have a small peek into the world we all live in and yet many of us are unaware of it. But now we are aware. Thats a good thing.

Be well,

Andrew Gerard

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